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Paleo during Christmas (Surviving the Holidays with Your Health Intact-Part 4)

christmas tree

A very merry Paleo Christmas to you all!

Merry (almost) Christmas everyone!  We’ve made it to the last of the “Big 3”, and it’s the biggest one of all!  We’re scrambling to get everything done at work before vacation, we’re preparing to travel or receive travelers, the lights are up, the music is playing 24/7, the sparkle of tinsel is EVERYWHERE, yep…it’s Christmas time!  And everyone is asking, how do I stay paleo during Christmas?!?!

When it comes to dealing with Christmas festivities, the tips we’ve discussed for Halloween and Thanksgiving really cover a lot of it- How to deal with parties, dinner at someone else’s home, how to deal with guilt/love food and eat special foods responsibly and how to serve a nourishing meal fit for a king to you and your loved ones.  In the next few weeks I’ll have a few new recipes that work well on any family table.

So if the protocol to success is established, the recipes are posted, the ingredients purchased, the meat’s in the oven, the presents are under the tree, are we set? Is that it?  I don’t think so! 

I would suggest that during this wonderful time of year where people explore their generosity and what it means to extend kindness to their fellow man, that we look at what we can do to become more grounded.  We’ve just spent a MONTH being grateful {see HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE if you didn’t catch the gratitude series} for all that we have.  Instead of thinking about what we want Santa to bring us under the tree, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we thought about what an amazing gift it would be to help someone else better themselves?  By now, if you’ve been doing your gratitude list all month you should have about 90 items on your list.  Is there someone you know who you could HELP get one of those things or feelings?  Give the gift of the things that really matter, use your resources to HELP people and I guarantee you it’ll shine bright much longer than any toy you get from Santa, and it will shine ALL year long.

So how can we accomplish this?  I would suggest that this is a wonderfully personal experience, and if you clear your mind for a minute, there’s an answer that has been brewing in your mind for quite a while.  Have you been thinking about volunteering for a food kitchen or shelter?  Do you have a TON of clothes you know you should donate but just can’t get yourself together to get rid of it?  Do you know someone who is lonely/hurting/struggling and has nowhere to go for Christmas dinner?  Do you know a child in need of a good breakfast before school or school supplies or who just needs a regular ride to school?  There are opportunities to be a blessing in people’s lives everywhere you go.  I encourage you to take a look around and realize that your love is valued and desperately needed in this world, your opportunities to make a difference in peoples’ lives are unique and precious to you, and your impact can change the world. 

I wish you the best this life has offer, love, friendship and family.  Have a wonderful Christmas, a joyful holiday season no matter what religion you practice, and a very happy, healthy and safe new year!

What gifts of the spirit are you preparing to give this season?  Let us know and spread the love!

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  1. Love this article and the tree is beautiful.

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