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Letting Go To Accept Gratitude


Do you see the dark or the light in this picture?

I’ve been talking a lot about gratitude lately [HERE, HERE and HERE] but one thing that’s important to remember is that when we are trying to manifest our best life, when we are focusing on the gratitude for the things we have and appreciating the hidden blessings in what we don’t have and the lessons we’ve learned, often the biggest obstacle to creating that best life, and creating the stillness required to see who we really are and appreciate ourselves and the blessings we have in our lives, comes from OURSELVES and our inability to release the past and stop worrying about the future.  

I like to think of the stillness you feel when you are able to truly connect to gratitude in the present moment like looking down to the very bottom of a clear, still pond.  When you are connected, everything is clear, everything reflects perfectly and everything is illuminated.   I think that every slice of the past (whether a bad experience you can’t shake free of or a past of former “glory days” you cling to), every self-destructive thought, every unfounded fear of the future is like a ripple in that pond.  With each ripple you are able to settle and allow to go still, you will reach a greater level of peace and tranquility.  This does not mean you have no ties or no relationships, or that you should never build on anything or that what you are working towards means nothing.  It means whatever you are living through, you have to deal with it here and now to have a peaceful and clear vision.

The true vision for your life and the place where you tap into that source of gratitude, is at the bottom of that pond, and you need to be still to see it clearly.  The tricky thing is, we don’t even realize the ripples are coming from stones WE ARE THROWING ourselves!  No one and nothing can affect your pond but you.  Every stone cast in, every past and future thought that obscures the pond, is a stone you threw!  The first step is looking down and realizing the rocks are in your hand.  The second step is letting go and dropping those rocks.  Don’t keep them in your pockets, they’ll weigh you down, they’re bound to fall out, and bad habits die hard.   It’s way too easy to reach in, feel the familiar smooth cool roundess and pick some back up.  Get rid of them and be ready to be amazed as your vision becomes clear and your life starts making sense, you attract happiness, love and success because you can see where you’re going, appreciate where you are, and avoid the hazards.

What stones have you had to drop to see your vision clearly?  What lessons did you learn along the way?  Please share with us and help spread the love!

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  1. WOW!!!!!! This is good stuff…….very important for a happy life. Looking forward to more info.

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