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See the rose

After a total anxiety meltdown yesterday, this morning I was looking out the window at my rose bushes.  Thanks to the Texas summer heat and a bout with black leaf mold, they are mostly defoliated for the year with just ...

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Drink THIS to live forever….almost

Well, maybe not forever, but studies are coming out of the woodwork that are singing the praises of coffee which seem to reduce death from, well… pretty much EVERYTHING! It feels good to start your day knowing you are doing something healthy ...

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Exo bars review and giveaway

exo review paleo protein bar

Interested in a protein bar that tastes great, travels well and has the goal to help diversify our food supply?  Got a food sensitivity?  How about we make them gluten/grain/soy/dairy free?  What if I said you could get these tasty ...

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