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An Attitude of Gratitude-Part 1

giant pumpkins with gratitude

A tiny seed doesn’t lament its current existence, it is glad for the rain and sun, because it knows someday soon it could be a jumbo pumpkin!

I ADORE the Thanksgiving season because it elevates the concept of gratitude.  We sit down at the table with family and friends, going around saying what we are all thankful for.  We take time to show love and appreciation for the people around us, reflect on our blessings and help those less fortunate than ourselves.  What an embodiment of love and appreciation for then many wonderful people and experiences we have in our lives.  What if we could harness that great power all year long?  What if we could use the power of positivity and gratitude to CREATE a better life for ourselves and those around us?  How empowering would that be!?!?  Good news, we can!!! 

Gratitude is a practice

They key to remember is that Gratitude is a practice, not just a single act.  It’s the daily affirmation, the constant readjustments to view our world in a positive light, and the pouring of our blessings onto others that creates the life we seek.  When we cultivate gratitude, that which we have comes into the light and that which we lack recedes from our presence.  We all have pain, inadequacies, and things we wish we could change or avoid.  The beauty of gratitude is it keeps in focus the things that we DO have (many of which we often forget and take for granted).

Gratitude keeps a positive energy flowing out of us and keeps us receptive to the very things we hope to achieve.  A negative energy repels the very things we wish to acquire.  Use this season of giving and appreciation to transmute any pain you are holding on to, bring your blessings into focus and see what amazing experiences unfold themselves.

If you’ve never tried to implement a gratitude practice, it’s as easy as pumpkin pie!  A great way to begin is to start each morning by writing down 3 things you are grateful for.  Each day, add 3 new things to the list.  They don’t have to be big things.  It could be as simple as you’re grateful for a good night’s sleep, or that you have the ability to use your legs, or that you had light traffic on your commute to work, or there was food in your refrigerator for you to make a nourishing breakfast to start your day.  There’s no end to the blessings you can reflect on when you’re looking at them.  Give it a try and see what comes out!


What’s your strategy for gratitude?  What methods of practice do you employ?  What are YOU grateful for today?  Please let us know so we can spread the love!

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  1. Great article………..well written.This is so necessary for a happy life.
    Keep the positive articles coming.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement!

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