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Ever have one of those days?

Ever wish you could have what you want, NOW.   That job, that raise, that significant other, a baby, a vacation….

When we moved into our house there was a lot of green.  I thought this is nice, so fresh.  That was in the summer, and then the seasons changed.  Winter, even in Texas, can be harsh.  Everything dies.  Trees go bare and you’re left with grey and bleak and dead.  Even in Houston, where we pray for a cool gust of wind for 9+ months out of the year, I was sick of the cold and the barren ugliness of the landscape.

Sometimes life can swildflowerseem like that.  Dried up, at the end of its time, nothing left, nothing alive.

But then spring happened, as it always does. The sun came back out.  And the green started coming back, and soon enough everything was popping. My garden started growing again, that was a welcome change.  The trees got their green back, that was refreshing.  But that wasn’t the amazing part….I discovered that I had a few surprises waiting for me in the new house.  I realized I’ve got oleander, DOUBLE oleander!  And knockout roses. And azalea bushes. And magnolia trees. And this is the best part, the random overgrown bush at our front door….gardenias!  It was right there under my nose and I had no clue until it was in season.   And just a few weeks ago it filled our home with the most amazing aroma.  I also discovered the glory and appreciation of other peoples gardens.  An azalea doesn’t care where it’s planted, it shines out for all the world to admire.  And when you admire these amazing blooms, you realize that there’s no envy in your neighbor’s possessions.  I’m not jealous of my neighbor’s magnolias, because they give their beauty to everyone who cares to stop and admire them.  And the butterflies, hummingbirds, robins and blue jays that flit about add color and joy to my day.  And my sweet little friend the hummingbird.

So many times we want it all, right NOW.  And when we don’t get it, it can be such a source of unhappiness and depression.  But more times than not, the seeds of success are already there.  We just have to wait for the right season to bloom.   In times of great sadness, when an empty barren feeling comes across me, I think about these beauties I see every day.  And I think about the fact that these blooms were set in motion in my life before I ever knew they existed.  The seeds of your good fortune have already been planted, even if your current situation seems cold and bleak.  Have faith in the ground under your feet and the fact that the universe always has a new cycle of life in store.  There is good fortune and abundance ahead, even if you can’t see it.  The clouds will part, the sun will shine, and your good fortune will bloom. <3

Photo credit: tdlucas5000 via / CC BY


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