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Exo bars review and giveaway

exo review paleo protein bar

Interested in a protein bar that tastes great, travels well and has the goal to help diversify our food supply?  Got a food sensitivity?  How about we make them gluten/grain/soy/dairy free?  What if I said you could get these tasty ...

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Simple Squares Review and Giveaway

simple squares review and giveaway nourished and grounded gluten free

I hope everyone had an AMAZING holiday weekend.  Happy Memorial day and a VERY special thank you to our soldiers, both at home and in the field, and their families.  We honor your sacrifice, and you are never forgotten.  If ...

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Nick’s Sticks Review and Giveaway

Nick's Sticks Review and Giveaway

GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED!  CHECK OUT OUR LATEST GIVEAWAY, SIMPLE SQUARES COCONUT SNACK BARS !   I hope you guys have been enjoying the giveaways as much as I have.  I promised you we’d be moving from sweet to savory this ...

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Wild Way Granola Review and Giveaway

Wild Way Granola Gluten Free Review and Giveaway

Post Update: This giveaway is over, but we’re doing another one! Check out Simple Squares coconut snack bars   Let’s keep the giveaways going, shall we guys?  This week I’m THRILLED to be partnering with the folks at Wild Way Granola.  ...

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Make It Paleo’s Cookie Dough Review

I opened my email inbox a while ago to discover that some of my favorite paleo authors, Bill and Haley, have partnered with Cappello’s grain-free pasta to provide a ready-to-bake cookie dough.   I REALLY enjoy their cookbooks (see my review ...

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Ithlete HRV monitor review

TRAIN SMARTER, NOT HARDER!  I highly recommend the Ithlete HRV monitor to anyone looking to take their physical performance to the next level while avoiding overtraining, injury, and illness. 

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