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See the rose

After a total anxiety meltdown yesterday, this morning I was looking out the window at my rose bushes.  Thanks to the Texas summer heat and a bout with black leaf mold, they are mostly defoliated for the year with just ...

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Simple Squares Review and Giveaway

simple squares review and giveaway nourished and grounded gluten free

I hope everyone had an AMAZING holiday weekend.  Happy Memorial day and a VERY special thank you to our soldiers, both at home and in the field, and their families.  We honor your sacrifice, and you are never forgotten.  If ...

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Paleo Collard Greens and Ham Recipe

paleo collard greens and ham recipe

I know what you’re thinking….you’re looking in your fridge and looking right back at you is the last bit of your Easter ham.  You’ve had leftovers for lunch and dinner, sent kids off to school with sandwiches, snuck some cold ...

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5 reasons you may have trouble getting pregnant

A quick Google search of “infertility” turns up 12,200,000 results.  59,900,00 returns for “trouble getting pregnant”.  Just under a million hits for “infertility clinic Houston”.   Pregnancy (and trouble conceiving) is a huge business, and infertility affects way too many families ...

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A Plea for Protein

It seems like a silly premise to build an entire article on, a plea to consider adequate protein in the diet.  But in a world full of bagels, cereals, muffins, pizza, chips and fries, coupled with crazy busy lives and ...

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Don’t Fear the Fat!

Let’s talk about fat, shall we?  That wonderful little chain of molecules has been vilified for its high caloric content, its artery-clogging saturated structure, even its rich decadent taboo taste.   There are a myriad of reasons why people get fat ...

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