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An Attitude of Gratitude – Part 2

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Give thanks and create gratitude

As we create our gratitude list, sometimes it becomes apparent that there are things we wish were on the list that aren’t there yet, or something we had on it is lost or was taken from us.  But just because your list doesn’t contain everything you want it to doesn’t make it incomplete.  The practice of gratitude is organic, and it flows as life does.  It constantly changes, grows and matures, and much like life a lot of the things we manage in it are entirely out of our control! 

It’s important to look at the things we DON’T have and the difficult experiences we face as things we can also be grateful for.  Things we don’t have make us work hard to achieve.  Difficulties and struggle show you were your passions are.  Troubles teach us lessons like patience and compassion.  Often times the struggle is where we grow and become better for it and our battle scars are what help us to thrive rather than sit comfortably while our best selves stay dormant within.

Sometimes the things we lack turn out to be for the best (commonly known as “blessings in disguise”).  The universe may have bigger plans for us than we have for ourselves, and it’s important that when we fail or become disappointed that we not lose sight of the bigger picture.  When we continue revisiting the many things we DO have on the list, and continue to create new gratitude every day, those blank spots don’t seem so daunting, and life feels a whole lot more welcoming.

Take a moment to look back at your painful experiences and those areas you feel are lacking, and seek out the hidden gratitude.

What blessings in disguise have you experienced?  Let us know and share the love!

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