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Happy Now-year!

fireworksA friend of mine recently took a babymoon and her family stayed at a hotel featuring a “Christmas in July” theme.  Looking at her Facebook photos, it got my brain clicking about the fact we are halfway through this year already!  Before we know it, kids will be back in school, then Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and BOOM, New Year’s Eve, baby!  Bye bye 2016!

And then there will be tears of regret, a toast to auld lang syne and excitement for new hopes.  New year’s resolutions for how awesome 2017 will be, changes to make.  Self confidence and selflessness spinning around with the buzz of holiday kindness and mercy still in the air like champagne bubbles.  Peace on Earth, good will towards men.  And it made me think, don’t blink!

We are still here, still only halfway there.  We are the youngest we will ever be, with our greatest potential still ready to grow.  We are halfway through THIS year’s resolutions, this year’s joys, and balls deep in this year’s struggles.  But what if we don’t wait to hit the reset button?

What if we cast off our bull crap excuses now; practice thanksgiving, and give that holiday joy and love and unity now, today, with what we’ve got?  Because nobody is promised tomorrow.

There are people that need that kindness and joy every day of the year.  Every day we wake up we ALL need fresh hope.  There’s still time to stamp out regret; time to crush 2016 and get a head start on 2017’s resolutions.  Can you even IMAGINE where you’ll be if you give yourself a six month head start?

So happy holidays in July everyone.  I wish you all a very merry six months, and a happy today and now!

Photo credit: acarter5251 via / CC BY

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