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Slim Palate Paleo Cookbook Review

Joshua Weissman's Slim Palate cookbook

I JUST got my copy of The Slim Palate Paleo Cookbook hot off the presses, and I am already in love with these recipes!  Joshua Weissman is the brain behind the paleo food blog and he has produced a BEAUTIFUL ...

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5 reasons you may have trouble getting pregnant

A quick Google search of “infertility” turns up 12,200,000 results.  59,900,00 returns for “trouble getting pregnant”.  Just under a million hits for “infertility clinic Houston”.   Pregnancy (and trouble conceiving) is a huge business, and infertility affects way too many families ...

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Fat Loss: Why your fat keeps coming back

Weight - same as yesterday

I just finished listening to an amazing podcast conversation between Chris Kresser and Stephan Guyenet. When you put a world class L.Ac health practitioner and a world class researcher together in a room, what do you get? DYNAMITE! The talk ...

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Guide to Paleo Without Your Partner

Paleo Without your Partner So we’ve reached that exciting time of year where everything is new and bright and we’re full of hope and ready to make changes.  The healthy menus are planned, you’re ready to get some good quality ...

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Make It Paleo’s Cookie Dough Review

I opened my email inbox a while ago to discover that some of my favorite paleo authors, Bill and Haley, have partnered with Cappello’s grain-free pasta to provide a ready-to-bake cookie dough.   I REALLY enjoy their cookbooks (see my review ...

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