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Why I don’t care about your symptoms – It’s not what you think!

Why I don’t care about your symptoms- It’s not what you think!

Looking for one more pill to fix what ails ya?

Looking for one more pill to fix what ails ya?

As a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner, people come to me with a wide variety of health complaints: allergies, asthma, acne, blood sugar issues, depression/anxiety, migraines, indigestion, joint paint, insomnia, low sex drive, horrible PMS symptoms, hypertension, chronic fatigue, weight gain and stubborn inability to lose weight, and many other chronic illnesses. They’ve reached a point where they know this has got to stop, and the normal course of action (get a test, take a pill, cover the symptom and move on) isn’t working for them. They’re sick, exhausted, and desperate for some help. So what am I saying with this article? That I don’t care about all the suffering these people have? That I don’t CARE about the symptoms you bring to me?!?! In a way, but it’s not what you think!

I absolutely care about YOU, and the very real pain and suffering that this modern life has inflicted upon you. I’ve dedicated myself to helping people all over the world find healing. But what I’m much less concerned about is the specific SYMPTOM that you show up with at my door. Symptoms are the last stop in a state of distress and dis-ease in the body. What I experienced in my own healing process, and what I see in so many clients, is that we’ve been on a hamster wheel of palliative care for most of our lives. Got a symptom, take a quick remedy to cover it up so you can make it through your day. Tomorrow’s symptom is different? Well take another remedy and get on with the work. But hey, it’s paid for by our insurance, so that means we’re healthy, right? Oh boy do we have a problem! We end up like Sisyphus, forever pushing that damn boulder up a hill with no resolution to what really ails us.

We have lived so long in a world of pharmaceuticals, surgeries, diagnosis, quick fixes, malfunction and disease that we have forgotten that just because these issues are common does NOT make them normal.

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Conversely, when we look at healthy function and homeostasis as the natural state our body is constantly trying to achieve, we realize that malfunction is the downstream result of many blocking factors which lead to dysfunction which leads to dis-ease which leads to symptoms, which leads us back to the hamster wheel of pills and surgery.

These blocking factors come in many forms, namely: mental and emotional stressors such as manufactured anxiety and depression, physical and bio-mechanical trauma like fracture, nerve compression, and chronic over exercising, and chemical and physiological malfunction such as inflammatory food reactions, detoxification problems, pathogens and other infections and hormonal imbalance. The good news is these blocking factors can be rooted out, the body’s systems can be supported and encouraged to recover function, and healing opportunities can begin. The body WANTS to heal, we just need to find ways to let it. (*Of course there are still times when a doctor’s intervention is absolutely necessary. Many times our bodies have reached a state of dis-ease so deep that it becomes pathological and without immediate and in-depth intervention the body can totally crash, and potentially even lead to death. I am not a physician, and nothing in this article should be construed as medical advice and you should speak to your personal health care provider if you have any medical concerns so that pathology can be ruled out).

If you are tired of pushing that boulder of illness up a hill every day, and are ready to reclaim your birth right to a HEALTHY, functioning mind and body, visit our consultation page for more information on our functional diagnostic testing services, and other programs offered.



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