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Make It Paleo’s Cookie Dough Review

review of Cappello's baked paleo cookies

Fresh baked Cappello’s paleo cookies

I opened my email inbox a while ago to discover that some of my favorite paleo authors, Bill and Haley, have partnered with Cappello’s grain-free pasta to provide a ready-to-bake cookie dough.   I REALLY enjoy their cookbooks (see my review of Food Lover’s Kitchen HERE) and their awesome recipes on the website, and I’ve made many a cookie recipe from within their pages.  I can’t get enough of their pumpkin spice cookies!  I also liked that they claim a high standard of quality ingredients in these premade cookies.  They claim all non-GMO, most of the ingredients are organic, and the recipe is both dairy and egg free so it’s a nice flexible cookie for a LOT of people to enjoy.  The nutrition breakdown lists 11 grams of carbs and 5 grams of sugar per cookie, which is definitely a reasonable amount for a treat in my opinion (not so much if you eat the entire roll in one sitting).  So I was definitely coming from a place of love when I received the email.  They sell you HARD on the convenience of having them ready to go for any old time or to pop in the oven when company comes over (especially around the holidays), the ease of cooking, the cost savings over buying the individual ingredients, and the taste.  But I consider myself very discerning (some might say skeptical) so I wanted to see what all the buzz was about and see if it really was worth the cost of getting dough shipped to me from half way across country. That’s right dear friends, I’m sacrificing my hard earned “dough” to find out if this Make It Paleo cookie dough is good enough for me to recommend to you!  It’s a rough life, but somebody’s gotta test the cookies!

My initial concerns

The big problem with these cookies is the cost, as it took quite a bit of “dough” to get these suckers.  They claim a 1lb roll costs $13 PLUS the cost of the eco-friendly reusable shipping cooler.  This gets tricky for several reasons: when I went to the Cappellos’ website I could ONLY order a package of TWO 1lb tubes for $33 (which includes the cost of the cooler) so how do you break that down?  Cooler may have some individual value, but if you’re just looking for some quick cookies to stick in your craw while your parents are visiting for Christmas, maybe that’s not necessary?  That also does NOT include the shipping cost via UPS, which for me was $10.00.

review of cappello's paleo cookies

Cappello’s Paleo cookies are delivered!

The dough came in recyclable cooler inside a cardboard box.  If you want to reuse the cooler, you’d have to keep it in the box, these are actually 2 unconnected pieces that rest together inside the box to form the cooler.  The Dough was still mostly frozen so I was able to pop it right back into the freezer without an issue.

review of Cappello's cookies

Cappello’s paleo cookies unwrapped






Taste test #1:

Everybody loved the dough (a little grainy, probably from the arrowroot powder) but salty and sweet and definitely a good tasting cookie dough.  And no raw eggs to worry about for any of you egg-phobics out there!  The enjoy life chocolate chunks were a GREAT touch.  I followed instructions to the letter and unfortunately they came out a bit dry at 10 minutes.  Too crunchy for my taste as well as my 3 other taste testers.  Everyone still loved the saltiness and agreed it was a good cookie but wished it was softer.

Attempt #2:

review of Cappello's tasty cookies

Cappello’s paleo cookies with some tasty crumbs

Review of Cappello's cookies

What happened to that cookie?!?!

OMG soooo tasty!  I watched the cookies carefully, took them out at 8 minutes, and put back in for 1:30 because they were still looking pretty raw.  FYI for all you soft cookie lovers, the first time I made the cookies the dough was basically room temp, the second time the dough was chilled, about 30 minutes out of the fridge, which may have made a big difference .  The cookies were crunchy on the outside, ooey gooey on the inside, and we couldn’t stop eating them!  Even during the photo shoot they were disappearing off the plate!

Breakfast cookie update

My hubby dipped a chilled cookie in his morning coffee and said it was out’a this world!  Give it a try if you dare 🙂

Are they worth it? 

It’s a STEEP price to pay for 2 batches of cookies and a portable cardboard box cooler, but I can’t argue with the taste.  If you are a cookie fiend, a busy bee who doesn’t have time to cook but loves to entertain, someone who loves good food but hates to cook or spend a lot of money on ingredients you may only use one time (or you can barely boil water), a paleo sugar addict, or are looking for something extra to add in to the mix on game day or a big holiday meal (or need something to have on hand if the in-laws are staying over a while and you don’t want to slave in the kitchen every day) these are a nice splurge.

Have you given these cookies a try?  What did you think?  Would you buy them again?

**This is a totally unbiased and unsolicited review.  I received no request to make this review, no free products and no fee or commission of any kind.  If you found this helpful, you can hop over to my Paypal donation links and support my cookie habits, or use the Amazon search and shop affiliate links to support the blog for free.  See HERE for my policy on advertising.

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