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Book Review: Primal Blueprint

Primal Blueprint

Mark Sisson has done a great job breaking some seriously complex scientific ideas down into a language that everyone can understand without being condescending.  He parallels the life of modern man with that of our ancestors in a humorous and relatable way and provides many practical tips on how to live a more balanced life in touch with our past and in alignment with the very best our genetics have to offer.  Mark comes from a place most of us understand, a state of chronic cardio (including a professional career as a runner) fueled by plenty of carbs, and he isn’t shy about talking about how his health declined as a result.  While I feel his overall portrayal of “Grok”, our primal ancestor, may be a bit too rosy and easygoing a life compared to what Grok’s real life may have looked like, his personal insight into how living like our ancestors helped him (and can help all of US) live a better life makes the book very relatable and easy to understand, and the science behind the message stands firm.  While this book may not go far enough for those more advanced in nutrition and performance, I find this is a great “starter” book for anyone curios about the Paleo lifestyle (from eating more fat to getting enough sunshine to walking barefoot every now and then), and wondering how to give it a try.  Mark also provides recommendations on how to safely and comfortably get off the couch and get moving, without the need for any expensive equipment or gym memberships.

Primal Blueprint Quick and Easy Meals 

This cookbook is indeed quick and easy, but what they forgot to leave out of the title is “delicious”!  This has become one of my go-to cookbooks for years.  The recipes are simple and easy to follow, the prep time is minimal, and the meals are well balanced, nourishing, and super tasty.  I particularly enjoy the variety this cookbook offers.  It has numerous quick breakfast meal options and great staple meals such as pork chops with Brussels sprout slaw and spaghetti squash ragu, yet still makes room for more daring and unique dishes, from asian stews to curries to lamb burgers with pistachio pesto.  I find this to be an invaluable tool for anyone who is living an insanely hectic life with little time for food preparation, but still has a desire to eat a rich variety of good for you and taste good meals.  I cook from this book regularly, and I’ve routinely given it as gifts to family and friends, and recommended it to countless clients.

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