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Pulling Weeds

This morning I took some time in the front yard to pull out tree-covered-with-ivy-10811277835546tBlw 3a few climbing vines that were starting to take hold on our entry-way shrubs.  These suckers are invasive and insidious, and they will slowly choke the life out of your plants if you aren’t careful.  Often times they blend in and go unnoticed in our comings and goings, or I let it slide because these particular vines do produce a few small purple flowers (and nothing with a flower can be THAT bad, right?) It occurred to me as I was ripping the sticky leaves and gnarly tentacles off of the branches that we face these kinds of intruders in our lives every day.  Small inconveniences, dramas and heartaches, toxic friends, and other troubles that we simply let slide because we’re too busy to look around and notice that something sinister is slowly taking a grip on us.  It blends in with our surroundings, distracts us, and occasionally produces a sickly bloom which we are loath to let go of.  The vines convince us that they are a part of who we are and we grow to accept this as fact as they grow deeper bound to our structure.

When we create quiet and space for our minds to take stock of our surroundings and our true essence, the leaves and branches become easily distinguishable from the vines and we see what an ugly tangled mess we have become.  It’s also easier to reach in and tear the invaders lose, which makes us not less of a being, but instead a purer version of our true self, unhindered by twisted garbage which threatens to suffocate the life out of us.

I urge you to take a few minutes today to turn off all the noise and let your mind take stock of your surroundings.  Begin to feel your own essence and start noticing things that you thought were part of you that might just be weeds in soul’s clothing.  And when you identify something as weed, rip that sucker out by the roots!

What’s your favorite way to create space?  Yoga?  Guided mediation?  Hiking in the woods?  Let us know your favorite way to unplug and reconnect with “you”!

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  1. My favorite way to disconnect is on the back of a horse. When that is not an option a good book to take me away from reality.

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