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FAQ Shampoo Bar

shampoo barShampoo bars are new to many people used to synthetic shampoos and conditioners.  We’ve compiled this Q and A list to help smooth the transition and help people get the most out of their shampoo bar experience.

Q: Do I need to do anything special before I transition to using shampoo bars? 

A: The chemical cleaners and synthetic fragrances we’ve all been tricked into slathering all over our hair disrupt the scalp and hair follicle’s natural functions.  As you transition to a natural shampoo option, you may find that your hair goes through some growing pains, which could include feeling excessively oil or dry, itchy, waxy, frizzy, limp, or just not behaving well.  Detoxing the hair of these chemicals and allowing the body to naturally equalize make the transition much quicker and easier, and the naturally healthy results from the natural shampoo bar much more pronounced.

Quick hair detox recipe:

Blend 1 tablespoon of baking soda with one cup water and set aside. Mix 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with one cup of water in a second container. Place both containers near your tub or shower.  While in the shower, first work the baking soda mixture through your hair, then rinse. Next, work the apple cider vinegar mixture through hair and rinse with cool water.

For conditioning after cleansing, coconut oil acts as a wonderful moisturizer. For textured or curly hair, coconut oil can be warmed in the hands and worked into hair like a balm.  For a thinner application and lighter distribution coconut oil can be melted and poured into a spray bottle and used as a leave in conditioning spritz.

If your detox does not produce the results you are looking for within 2 weeks, it may be due to the mineral content in your water.  Boiling and then cooling the baking soda mixture before use or using distilled water can help minimize the mineral issue.


Q: How well do these bars lather in my hair? 

A: Our bars are made with virgin coconut oil, which produces a wonderful rich, fluffy lather.


Q: How do I use a solid shampoo bar?

A: It’s super duper easy!!!  While in the shower, get your hair saturated as you would for a regular shampoo, then massage the bar against your hair and scalp in a circular motion until you work up a rich lather.  Rub the bar between your hands for an added bit of lather, then rub your hands directly onto your hair and scalp.  Massage it around for a good scrub, then rinse thoroughly.


Q: Do I still need to condition my hair? 

A: That really depends on your hair and why you’ve been using conditioner.  If you’ve been using conditioner because your hair is dull and/or dry, you may find that a natural shampoo bar is all you need.  Commercial shampoos often contain synthetic ingredients (often petroleum based) that are drying to the hair and require conditioner to replenish the hair and scalp.  Natural shampoo bars typically do not strip the natural oils from the hair and the oils work to nourish your hair and scalp.  You may find there is no need to add additional conditioners.  If your hair tends to tangle, a conditioning product may still help to alleviate the situation and smooth the cuticle.  One word of advice, once you start using a shampoo bar, even if you use conditioner, start out with a small amount of conditioner.  You may find you need much less to get the job done, as we often find is the case.


Q: How long will the bar last?

A: That depends largely on how you treat it, and how much you use it.  We recommend when not in use you store the soap in an area of the bathroom or shower that has good drainage, and out of the direct stream/splash zone of your shower head.  Constant water logging will create a goopy texture that corrodes the soap very quickly.  Keeping the soap dry when not in use will extend its useful life dramatically, often up to several months of use.  Stay tuned for more information on our  upcoming line of all natural hand crafted, untreated wooden soap dishes!

Q: Can I use a shampoo bar with color treated hair?  Everyone’s hair is different, but we have had excellent feedback from shampoo bar users with colored hair.  Some people even report that they can go up to a month longer before recoloring, and color doesn’t go “brassy” as quickly.  We recommend you do a strand test to judge for yourself if you currently color your hair.


Q: Can i use a shampoo bar with permed hair? 

A: Again, everyone’s hair is different, however we have had excellent feedback from shampoo bar users who perm their hair, including reports that perms may stay “fresher” longer.  We recommend you do a strand test to judge for yourself if you currently perm your hair.

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