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We’ve done our damnedest to keep these products as pure and natural as possible.  You won’t find any synthetic ingredients (like the ominous and toxic synthetic “fragrance” description on so many bath and body products out there), no artificial colors, preservatives, synthetic detergents, parabens, urea, DEA, sodium laurel sulfate, propylyne glycol, or other nasty crap; just pure oils and organic essential oils.



***With the launch of our nourished body and bath soap line we are SUPER excited to announce our partnership with “Clean the World”.

The major causes of death for children under five in the WORLD, pneumonia and diarrhea, don’t make headlines like ebola, HIV or malaria.  But guess what, they kill an estimated 3.5 million children every YEAR.  And according to the World Health Organization, a large part of these diseases can be combated with proper hygiene, yes that’s right, good ol’ soap and water!  Clean the World is an amazing organization that has partnered with the hospitality industry and soap makers to create a solution to this tragic but oh so preventable loss of life every year.  They collect gently used soaps and shampoos from hotels, process and redistribute them among impoverished communities worldwide, as well as local homeless shelters (think of all those soaps and tiny shampoos you used just one time at the Hilton on your last weekend getaway or business trip, now imagine that soap saving a child’s life instead of going into the trash can and into a landfill!)  They also collect soaps from soap makers for use in hygiene kits they assemble and distribute to domestic homeless shelters and and send directly to one of the more than 45 countries where they distribute soaps and hygiene supplies to children and families in need.



Nourished body and bath is proud to support this amazing humanitarian effort.  For every 3 bars of soap purchased, we will donate a bar to Clean the World.  This means that every bar you buy directly contributes to saving the life of a child.  Take that, Tom’s shoes!   To learn more about this great charity, click here:   Stay tuned for our latest charity partnership, coming soon!

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