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Surviving the Holidays with Your Health Intact

snowman‘Tis the season!  Bloating, weight gain, guilt, overindulgence, fun, friendship and family communion, enjoyment, laughter and merriment.  During the holidays we often see these all go hand in hand like some sort of sick Red Rover blocking us from ever really achieving our goals and staying healthy (or if we do make it through we feel like we sacrificed more than was worth it to live these once-a-year experiences).  Soon we’ll all be up to our eyeballs in holiday cheer as we brace for “The Big Three”.   Halloween is fast approaching, the Thanksgiving decorations are already for sale in most stores (WHY, people, WHY are these already out?!?!) and Christmas music will be blaring in our ears 24/7 before we can say ho-oh-NO!  We face a lot of struggles with our health and happiness during the holidays, but there’s no reason to fret.  There IS a way to make it relatively unscathed through the holidays with your health and happiness both intact (mostly) and enjoy all the wonder and joy of the holidays!  Stay tuned, in the coming weeks I’ll be taking a look at the big three, and offer up some suggestions on how to make it through these milestones with your health and sanity intact.

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