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Paleo Beef Liver Pate

Liver is one of the most potent superfoods on the planet, yet it’s been seen in our culture as a lowly second-class organ, enjoyed by only a few “weirdos”, usually breaded and fried and served with something like ketchup to ...

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Paleo Quick Thai Coconut Curry

Coconut curry is a wonderful source of nourishing FAT and PROTEIN and as many tasty phytonutrients from veggies as you can stand.  It’s rich and satisfying, and you can easily use cheaper cuts of meat (which makes buying grass-fed/pastured meat ...

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Surviving the Holidays with Your Health Intact

‘Tis the season!  Bloating, weight gain, guilt, overindulgence, fun, friendship and family communion, enjoyment, laughter and merriment.  During the holidays we often see these all go hand in hand like some sort of sick Red Rover blocking us from ever ...

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Paleo Crispy Baked Okra

paleo crispy baked okra

Oh my, it’s okra Season!  Okra gets such a bad wrap as the slimy green veggie with the big weird seeds.  It’s been condemned to live most of its life as a second fiddle to treatments such as gumbos and ...

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Book Review: Primal Blueprint

Primal Blueprint Mark Sisson has done a great job breaking some seriously complex scientific ideas down into a language that everyone can understand without being condescending.  He parallels the life of modern man with that of our ancestors in a ...

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A Plea for Protein

It seems like a silly premise to build an entire article on, a plea to consider adequate protein in the diet.  But in a world full of bagels, cereals, muffins, pizza, chips and fries, coupled with crazy busy lives and ...

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Don’t Fear the Fat!

Let’s talk about fat, shall we?  That wonderful little chain of molecules has been vilified for its high caloric content, its artery-clogging saturated structure, even its rich decadent taboo taste.   There are a myriad of reasons why people get fat ...

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